Why Define

November 02, 2020 Kaili Episode 1
Why Define
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We all have a moment (let's be honest, multiple moments) that define who we are. Kaili takes the time in this episode to explain why it's important to learn about each other's defining moments and breakdown what we can learn from them, and also how to apply peoples' stories into our own lives. 

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Hello, everyone, my name is Kaili, and I'm excited to introduce you to define this is my first podcast ever. And I'm very excited to talk to you guys about it in this intro episode. Now, I am a huge, huge nerd about behavioral science and economics. I'm not a behavioral scientist, one day I hopefully will be, right now I'm in marketing. Basically what I try to learn, and what I try to do is why we do the things we do. And what are some kind of the different things that go into that, you know, we're talking not just about biology and genetics, but also about, life experience, and culture and all that fun stuff. It's really, really fascinating. And I have lots of books and topics I want to cover with that. But as I went into this topic, I thought, I really want to learn more and go into this more in depth. The other thing that kept coming to my mind and experiences I've had, is talking to all these incredible people. And as a human being, you should know that there is a point in your life that defined you that defined and change the course of your life for good and for bad right. Now, there's some of these moments that defined us in very negative ways and got us developing traits and having experiences we never wanted to have. There are other things that brought out these incredible challenges and character developing moments that changed who we are and made us better and made us more empathetic and loving and kind. And I I've learned this, you probably know this too. Every single person

has had an incredibly defining moment. And when we've had all we have multiple of them, right? Like if, if we are going through different points in our life, we can point to like things that happen in our childhood challenges, traumas, heartbreaking things, when we get diagnosed with different illnesses, there are these huge defining moments. So I want to create this podcast not only to talk about defining moments in my life, that's so limiting. And as far as I am, I can I'm not that interesting, where I can go like 300 episodes into defining points of my life. I wanted to bring on other amazing people who have had these defining moments we're going to go into people are defined by illness by loss by challenges that never should have happened to them, we're going to go into different character traits that people found out they had through different challenges. And then the follow up episode to these great interviews and these great stories is going to be the behavioral science behind it. The logistics, for example, one of the first episodes is going to be about resilience. And there'll be a first episode will be a personal story for my end, defining like that defining moment why I picked resilience as the trait I'm going to focus on and go into the personal emotional story behind it. But the follow up episodes are going to be about the logistics about the behavioral study, about case studies have been done about how we can develop the good character traits, how we can help others develop those traits, because that's another big important part to me, not only I want to hear your stories, then wants to find your life, I want to know how I can become the better version that you've become through this hard challenge. I want to learn what I can do to become more resilient, compassionate, whatever it is. Now, for some of these interviews, it's not going to be a character trait, it's going to be, you know, an illness or a diagnosis. And we don't necessarily want to bring that upon ourselves. Right? Though I want the follow up episode to be for those kind of amazing stories is talking about how to spot that and people we know how to help support people in their lives that are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, whatever it is that that comes up, and I hope to get some amazing people on here to talk about those topics very in depth. But the point is,

as I go through my life,

I have realized how little I know. And I've realized how much more I have to develop and grow and evolve not just to be happy, but just to be able to function and survive in this insane world.

And the only way I can do that is by becoming more aware of other people. Honestly, I'm a very selfish person, I'm very full on myself.

And not not in a evil way just I just it's one of my favorite topics and it's weird, but it's true. And I love using my story and using my experiences to help inspire and take care of others. It's a genuine love that I have. That being said, I know that the best way for me to learn is to be

Where other stuff people are going through. And not only that, but also understanding why it's impactful to their life and others, and how I can help, how I can see how I can take these moments and either help people around me make their burdens lighter from it, or learn what I need to learn from someone else's story to become a better person. So I'm hoping that for those of you listening this podcast have a similar goal not just about self improvement, although I'm a huge advocate of that,

but also are trying to become more aware, empathetic, and understanding people in a world or that seems to be

an much an increasingly rare trait. So I hope you enjoy it and if you want to be a guest or you know someone you think you know what this person needs to be here, let me know reach out to me.

I'll have my information there. But please email me, message me on Facebook, Instagram. But I'm really hoping that the end goal of this whole podcast is to make me a better person, but I hope it helps you along the way, and helps you hear stories that we need to be hearing from the people around us that need our love and support and understanding.

And I hope that we all learn to be better and learn more about why people work the way they do. And ultimately, I hope that by listening this you take the time to understand and consider what defines you

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